About Kate

“Faith,Hope, Love” … For generations to come!

I believe everything in life requires Faith, Hope, and Love. I carry this thru to my photography. We will work together to create Faith, Hope and Love with each of  your images. Being able to share your story today, tomorrow and for generations to come is amazing and should be a treasure uniquely celebrated by each family to show the next generation where they came from and how much they were loved even before they knew it!

Do you offer a copyright release of the images from my session?

No. As a photographic artist, I retain all of the rights to all of the digital files I have created. This is not only to protect my brand and business but also to help protect you and your family. Please feel free to ask me any questions about copyright and printing capabilities that you may have. I do, include in many of my packages a Watermarked Sharing Album. This album contains a digital copy sized to 72ppi  watermarked and SAFE for internet use. They are suitable for sharing on sites like Facebook. THESE ARE NOT PRINTABLE IMAGES.  I also offer many ways to purchase printable digital images that can be sized to be able to print up to 8×12 or even up to a 30×40.

What are your hours?

Please feel free to call between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday-Saturday. I schedule photo sessions at various times everyday except Sunday. Night sessions are also available at certain times of the year. The best times for outdoors is either sunrise or sunset. The best time for babies and small children is in the morning after their first nap. It is best to book your session at least 4 weeks in advance and 5-6 months minimum for weddings and other special events.

Are you willing to travel?

I am definitely willing to travel. Sessions and events further then 20 miles will require a travel fee. I can travel almost anywhere, but notice and travel arrangements will need to be made farther in advance if not in the Southern California area.

What sorts of discounts and specials do you offer?

I try to offer a special Session at least a few times a year. They can be found on the home page of this website.  You can see them first by following me on Instagram and liking me on Facebook. I always post there first and sometimes have secret specials on one but not the other 😉

What kind of training did you have?

I have been a student of photography for over 6 years. I have Associate Degrees in Commercial Photography, Digital Photographic Imaging and Arts and Humanities. I am constantly learning and testing out new techniques and tricks. I have studied hard and continue to further my photographic education with online seminars and tutorials.

What Do I Do?

Create Images, make prints, Art pieces, cards, announcements, graphic design, editing, and much more. Every piece I create is a custom one of a kind creation, I never use templates and do all graphic design and editing work in studio and specifically to meet and exceed the expectation as needs of each unique family. I only use Heirloom archive quality products ensure your images will last at minimum 100 years. I want to build a relationship with every family I get to work with, I want to not only be your photographer today but your photographer for life. I want to be at your daughters wedding. Photographing this special time and have her know the same woman who has captured her whole life from birth to today is with on her on one of the most important days of her life. Someone who has watched her grow and has become a piece of her family story, Not some stranger she just met.

Getting ready for your session.

Can we change clothes during the photo session?

Included in my sessions you may have as many wardrobe changes as you wish, however please keep in mind the more time you take to change the less time we have to actually capture images. I recommend no more than 2 changes per hour (this may change if you have lots of little ones who need help with buttons and laces). I would be happy to help you pick out the outfits, and you can always bring more then is necessary. You can also visit my Pinterest board for ideas! PIN-IT

What happens if my child has a “breakdown”?

If you have a toddler, you know this is inevitable. Toddlers can go from one extreme to another in a heartbeat and, completely without warning. I schedule extra time for toddlers and babies because I understand that this happens all too frequently. We will take a break, play a little, talk a lot, try to figure out what he’s afraid of and take what smiles we can get. I believe that this is all a part of his story, and that he is beautiful whether he is laughing, pouting, dancing, running or bright red with tears streaming down his face! If we run out of time and have to reschedule, I will make sure you have an extra-long appointment the next time and work with you to address his fears. If your child has had a bad experience in the past, please tell me about it and I will do my best not to reopen old wounds!

We have some ideas of our own. Can we try them?

Absolutely! Come prepared with any props your idea may require, and let me know what you’re thinking. I’m always up for trying new things. Think of your kids favorite toys, special books, or bring fresh flowers for your photo studio session. These could be valuable in making children feel comfortable, and the photography experience personal. Any themes and special memories of your lives, your first date, family game night, the annual trip to the beach or your favorite park. Couples may want to include your wedding theme or colors, as well as messages for Save-The -Dates, Thank You’s, invitations, even table markers and decorations!

What should I expect?

On average we will spend around 2 hours together on session day, depending on your session (I will give you an approximate time upon booking). Plan for at least 3 hours for a newborn session (baby always sets the pace). I will talk, laugh and play with your children (and you) to capture their personality in photos, running, screaming and hilarity may occur. If you and your children are high energy, I will be too. Likewise If you and your children are mellow and calm, I will try to be as well. Feel free to bring any personal items that you would like to include in your session. This could be a quilt that grandma made, a favorite toy, bubbles and balls, the rose he bought on your first date, or an instrument you play. Don’t be afraid to play during our session and be comfortable to be yourselves.

Special Notes:

MOMMIES: your children can sense your anxiety! They know when mommy is upset, I know how important it is for you to have this moment. I know you just want that ONE picture you can show proudly. WE WILL GET IT! I promise, it may take some time and in rare cases another meeting but we will get it. Just relax and enjoy spending time with your family, build a memory and enjoy this time it will be gone before you know it! P.S. Dads- tell mommy to relax, she is amazing and you couldn’t do any of it without her!

Bride to be/ Girlfriend: Yes, I know he probably inst as into this as you, Yes, he may show up thinking he is going to be board and may even say “I don’t care, just do whatever you want to.” DON’T WORRY we will get him to show that amazing man you fell in love with. You will be able to see that side of him you want to show off to the world. In the end every image may not be perfectly perfect as perfect can be, but they will show your story and they will show how much love you two have! I will help you through this, from checking your hair to fixing his attitude just trust me and we will make amazing images!

Groom to be/ Boyfriend: Weather she drug you in against your will, or even if in the rare case you are actually really excited, your job is still the same. HAVE FUN! Capturing this moment means so much to her, she just wants it to be like the picture in her mind. She has so many hopes for today and for the future, just be the charming, sweet man she knows and fell in love with I’ll take care of the rest. And please please TELL HER SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!

Where will my session be located?

Sessions will be in either the studio, in  your home or on location. I recommend that toddlers and children be photographed outdoors whenever possible. Parks, Main Street, the beach or your favorite place, we will work together to find the perfect location for your session!

When should we hold my maternity photography session? When do I get pregnancy portraits done?

I usually try to do maternity photos in the 3rd trimester (month 7-8). Booking ahead is always a good idea. Monthly, trimester, and birth session packages are also available if you wish to capture your entire pregnancy.

How do I schedule my newborn photo session when I don’t know when s/he will be born?

Just tell me your estimated due date and then I’ll block off some time around that. When your baby finally does make his/her entrance, contact me as soon as you can and we will set a specific date from there. I ask that newborn sessions are held within 10 days of birth. That is when you’re going to get the most cooperation for all those adorable newborn poses. The MOST important thing, however, is to book your session as soon as you can WHILE you’re still pregnant. Please don’t wait until your baby is born as my schedule fills up very quickly and I don’t want you to be left without newborn images. Don’t worry too much if for some reason you absolutely cannot make the 10 day window, we can still do a session. We may not be able to get the same poses or the same feel of a regular newborn session but they will still be a lasting memory of this special time.

What do you expect from the parents during the session?

I prefer to work as a team. You know your child better than I do. As you prepare for your portrait photography session, notice what you do or say that garners great reactions. Hug and kiss your kids, laugh out loud, and strike a festive mood. I will tell you to look at the camera when the timing is right, but for the most part ignore the camera.

How do I prepare my child for the session?

Make sure your child is fed, well rested and ready to have a good time. It’s a good idea to tell small children they are going to “play” at the session. Get them excited about the day far in advance.We want them to feel comfortable and at ease in the space and with me. Get your camera phone or any other cameras you may have in the days before your session and “practice” smiling and playing for the camera.


For Newborns: When you schedule your session I will send you complete details. Try to wait to feed and put baby to sleep until I arrive or just before. Make sure the heat is turned up ( around 80 degrees) and loosen babies diaper and clothes a half hour before your session.

Can we bring our pet to our photo session?

YES! Kindly consult me about how present you wish your furry friend to be. Also plan for a few extra minutes as pets tend to need more attention and care. Please be prepared that your pet will not be in every image, and may have to watch from the sidelines. You will want to bring a leash, water, and possibly food. Also the necessary equipment for “accidents”.


What should I wear?

Clothing choice is always one of the biggest decisions when planning your session. Avoid large logos, stark white/black or clothing that may take the focus off of you and your family. Jeans and sweaters, hats, scarves and boots are fun for winter and fall. Sundresses and lighter clothing are fun for the summer months. You should NOT wear all the same color or same outfits, I suggest choosing from the same color family. For example, in the fall you may want to choose warm colors like browns, reds, oranges. and yellows. Lay the clothes out together and see how well they compliment each other. Start with whomever tends to be the hardest to dress or the pickiest and make everyone else match him/her. Newborns usually are too small to fit well in any outfit but gather a few options of different types, a plain onesie or naked babies are cute too! I am always willing to help you pick out the perfect outfit (s), just let me know if you need help. You can also check out my Pinterest board  HERE.

What happens after your session.

When will my order be ready?

Most orders are ready to be picked up or shipped (additional fee may apply) to you with-in two weeks from the time you place your order. Orders including albums or other products which may require additional graphic design or editing can take three to four weeks, I will have an estimated time of delivery for you when you place your order. Please be advised that turnaround times vary throughout the year based on lab volume and other uncontrollable factors, like the weather or holidays. It is also strongly dependent on you, the faster you make your selections and approve your proofs the faster I can submit your order. I recommend making sure you place holiday orders sooner rather than later, as I cannot guarantee them after a certain date. I will call you when your order arrives in the studio and we will discuss how and when you would like to receive your order.

Do you offer holiday cards or (birth/wedding/graduation) announcements ?

Yes! I do create cards and announcements for many of my clients. I create each design just for you. I never use templates and no one will ever have the same design as you! Each set is a custom one of a kind art creation. You will be able to send a unique piece that illustrates your unique story to all your family and friends! They come in many different sizes shapes and forms. I even offer then in Magnets and bookmarks too. One set includes 25 cards, 25 envelopes, custom design work, and return address labels. Addressing can be added to many designs too, so all that’s left to you is to stick the stamp and send them off.

What if I need to make a change to my order?

I want to ensure you are in love with your purchase, I will sit with you and design your order during your appointment until you are 100% happy with every detail. I try to achieve fast turn around times for everyone. To do that I must maintain my workflow system, so most orders are sent into the lab with-in 24-48 hours of your ordering appointment.Once your order is sent into the lab to be processed I will be unable to make any changes. Orders which require additional design work after your ordering appointment will be shown to you for proofing, each design can be altered up to 2 times after which the design will be considered final. If you have additional concerns please let me know and I will try my best to ensure you are 100% satisfied with every piece I have worked to create just for you.

Can I put the photos on my blog or Facebook?

If you see your images on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. please feel free to tag yourself and share with all your friends and family (you could even win a free gift for doing so!). If you have placed your order during your ordering appointment, you will also receive a FREE watermarked social media album (can also be purchased at a later date). These images may be uploaded to whichever online platform you choose and shared via E-Mail etc. THESE ARE NOT PRINTABLE IMAGES. These images are specifically designed to ensure that your family is safe and secure online. Share only these specially designed images helps to accomplish not only that, but also to protect my work and my business. Remember everything you post online is there forever, you can never fully remove it. As such I ask that whenever you are posting images from your session you, please leave my watermark on all images, try your best not to crop this mark out, and please do not edit or place filters of any kind on images when posting/re-posting them.

When will we see our images?

In about two weeks! Then it will be time for your ordering appointment. I always try to schedule this appointment with you during your session, as my schedule can fill very quickly. I will call you to let you know your images are ready, and confirm this appointment time.  We will spend this time together viewing all of your images and making your order selections. I can help you create wall groupings, select frames and choose the best images for your walls, Albums and custom gifts. We will finalize your order before the end of this appointment (you can receive free goodies for ordering during this appointment!). Right after your appointment I will get to work on placing your order. Most orders are at the lab with-in 24-48 hours.  Many Albums, announcements and other creations do require a bit more design work then can be accomplished during your appointment. Within 24-72 hours I will have them ready for you to approve, you will be given the opportunity to make any changes after which I will place your order.


Your Investment.

How much do you charge?

I always prefer to sit down with each person and I would love the chance to get to know you a little, to find out what your vision and purpose for your images is. I’d like to meet up with you and go over all the amazing and wonderful things I have to offer and get to do. Pre -consultations usually take between 20-45 minutes, I find that the pre -consultation is vital in creating not only lasting and amazing images but also with helping you and your family feel more at ease when your session/event day is here. Below you will find a base just to give you an idea of where your investment may start and what is included. Give me a call and we will set up your appointment, and begin your Kate Margaret Photography experience!




My print & Product packages start from $149.99.

My customers spend on average between 500-900 and receive a great selection of Art pieces, Prints, and Digital Files.

What types of payment do you accept, and what is due at the session?

I accept cash, PayPal, and most major Credit Cards.


Session fees are due when booking your session.

Weddings and Events:

A reservation fee of 25% is due at booking for weddings and events. The remainder is due 2 weeks before the date of your weddings/event.

Print and Product orders:

50% is due when placing your order at your ordering appointment and the remainder is due upon delivery. Payments may be made up to delivery and can be arranged at your ordering appointment. As a small business, I can’t take the risk of placing print orders COD. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes I do! When you book your session/event, you have the option to set up payment terms. I will go over all of these options with you and help you to decide which is right for you and your family. My regular pay schedules can be found below.


Sessions: All session fees are due at the time of booking. During your ordering appointment 50% of your order total will be due, you may then make payments towards the remaining 50%. When you have completed these payments you may pick up your order. All digital medium will be released upon completion of payment.


Wedding/ Event: A 25% reservation fee will be due at the time of booking. The remaining balance can be paid in payments with the final installment due 2 weeks prior to the event. During your ordering appointment 50% of your order total will be due at that appointment time, you may then make payments towards the remaining 50%. When you have completed these payments you may pick up your order. All digital medium will be released upon completion of payment.

Why is professional photography ‘expensive’?

From the first call you place I am committed to giving you an unparalleled experience. Planning for the session, preparing, photographing, editing, posting, reviewing, showing, ordering and framing add up to a significant amount of hours. Its not just about the time you are in front of the lens, my service and expertise go far beyond the click of a shutter. I want to ensure that you have completely unique art pieces that will last for generations to come. Each piece I create is carefully crafted from archive materials to achieve this goal. Custom professional portraiture is not for every family and every budget, it is an investment in the future. If you would like a referral to a photographer that may be more suited to your needs simply let me know I would be happy to refer you to one of my many competent and reliable friends. It is so important for you to have a lasting tangible piece you can share for more then your lifetime, I would love to help you decide what is best for your families needs. Weather I am your photographer for life or not my goal is to make sue you have all the information, not just on what I do but also (and more importantly) on the differences, proper care, and nature of photographs in every medium. Please understand that if a photographer is offering you a disc with some unedited snap shots they took on a fancy camera they cannot operate fully, and not providing you with any instruction as to care, or content they are not a professional.  You can read about this more HERE.