Baby Photography Slide Show

Newborn and Baby Photography Palmdale CA

A sample of what you might expect your custom image slide show to look like. These slide shows are a great way to share your images with friends and family. Each video is custom created just for you, with a song selection and all of your images. Most newborn photography shows are between two and a half and four minutes long. Believe in Baby plan shows are usually between eight and a half and twenty minutes. Slide shows come in either a digital format or uploaded onto a custom created DVD. These DVD’s are formatted to work with most players and are an excellent keepsake or gift for grandma and grandpa! Capturing baby’s milestone moments is an irreplaceable gift not only for mom and dad but for your child too! Imagine sitting with your 3 year old and he is begging excitedly to watch his movie, the slide show all about  him for him. the memories and love created by these fleeting moments is a treasure and priceless gift.

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